5 Apps With Potential for The Future

The scenery of the online world is changing at an ever-increasing pace, often making it hard for regular people to keep up with. Considering how young the internet is, we still find ourselves in a beginner phase, constantly learning how to cope with all these innovations. Due to the nefarious practices of big tech companies, the online landscape is facing a lot of pressure right now.

This pressure might prove to be helpful in the end, providing smaller players with an opportunity to offer better services and take over a part of the market share. Because of this reason, we prepared a list with five apps that have the potential to play an important role in our future.


You may already be aware of the existence of LinkedIn. The app has quite a considerable base of active users across the whole planet. The largest user base is located in the US but, the other 70% of users are spread across the rest of the world. LinkedIn tops at around 300 million active users, constituting a great business and career opportunity for all individuals.

Although its number of users is quite high, LinkedIn pales when compared to the likes of Facebook that reached over 2.5 billion active users in 2019. However, many expect LinkedIn to skyrocket in the following years due to the attention received by the digital world, representing a good opportunity for all early adopters.


Due to the latest tech scandals, privacy and encryption are becoming a hot topic. Until now, WhatsApp was considered to be the most secure messaging app. WhatsApp it is also the most popular app of this kind. However, considering its affiliation to Facebook, its popularity started to decrease, making room for players such as Telegram.

Telegram already has a considerable user base in the tech environment, topping at over 350 million. With WhatsApp at over 1.5 billion users, Telegram is still small. Due to the upsides, it presents when compared to its competitors, Telegram has the potential to play an ever more active role in our future.


Although this app is quite different from all of the others mentioned on our list, Gametwist has a lot of potential for the future. The online environment is witnessing considerable changes right now, more people than ever using a mobile device for gaming. This represents a growth opportunity for apps such as Gametwist.

This online casino has an app that’s available both for iOS but also Android. The app offers users the possibility to access a huge library of casino games for free, at any time of the day and without restrictions. The slot games are carefully curated and tested as the casino is only utilizing slots from the established software developer Novomatic.

The whole app is tailored to maximize entertainment and help users have a more engaging experience. To give users the best experience, the online casino also features games such as Poker, Roulette, and Blackjack but also Chess and even Pool. The increased accessibility and the type of games used make this brand ideal for commuting and relaxation purposes. As such activities become more popular, this app and similar ones can become a significant player in the future.


Although the concept behind this app is not radically new, Slack managed to create something innovative. The app represents a chatroom niched for business, and many people expect it to go as far as killing email, at least for the tech-savvy. Its success inspired the likes of Discord and Google’s Allo. But, Slack will not stop here it will only continue in becoming more relevant in our lives.


Many serious business people might look down on TikTok, considering it a mere silly platform for young people. However, TikTok, formerly known as Musical.ly, proved to be quite efficient in kickstarting many people’s careers. Reminiscent of Vine, this app presents a huge potential for the future both for creatives but also entrepreneurs.


The tech landscape is in a state of constant evolution due to the huge amount of competition. This is useful for everybody. As tech giants are making more mistakes than ever before, innovative competitors can flourish. The five apps mentioned above have the potential to play an intrinsic part in our future, maybe even replacing our current go-to platforms.

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