What is Urine Culture Test? How it is Done?

Are you suspecting urinary tract infection? Urine culture Test can help to identify that. The test is carried out to know the amount of germs and bacteria in the urine. Urinary tract of the person encompasses the urinary bladder, kidneys and the tube to carry the urine. The tubes carrying the urine are termed as ureter and urethra. The infection of urinary tract may start from urethra or bladder. From the bladder or urethra only the urine comes out. However, the infection may impact any of the regions besides urethra or bladder.

Do you feel a burning sensation while urinating? This may be due to an infection of urinary tract. Then, there are people who always feel like peeing but no urine comes out. If these symptoms are combined with belly pain or fever, then the infection is severe.

How the test is performed?

When you visit the diagnostic center, you will be given a cup to empty the urine. You will handover your urine sample while it is taken to the laboratory for testing. The composition of the urine will be traced out and the report will be prepared. It is important to get clean urine in the cup. This way, you may assure that the germs in the urine are from the infection only. Urine must not come in contact with your skin under any circumstance. The one who is doing the test will guide you through. Follow the steps given below for this test:

  • Use hand sanitizer or simply clean your hands
  • Use cleaning pad in order to clean the area from where you will pee.
  • Do not pee straightaway in the cup. Just pee a bit outside and then in the cup. Do not allow container to touch the skin.
  • Wash hands again

If you need to use catheter, ask a professional to help you out. A catheter may be used to collect the urine. It is the thin tube which is put inside the bladder or into one’s urethra. The collected sample is placed into the container.

After the sample is collected, it is taken to the lab. A single drop of urine is placed on the petri dish and left at body temperature. If there are bacteria or yeast in the urine, it is sure to multiply in a few days time. The urine will be seen under the microscope. The size and color of the germs will let the professional know about its type. If the germs are not harmful, it is not the case of urinary infection and the report will read ‘negative’. Only when the bad germs grow in the urine sample, the report is positive.

How long it takes to get the report?

Whether you are undergoing urine test or typhoid test or any other, it will take 1-2 days time for the report to come. If the case is severe, the doctor will ask you to use certain medications. If the doctor suspects urine infection, he will prescribe you antibiotics.

Well, you may be wondering whether it would be cured or not. Yes! It does get cured if you see a reliable doctor. But, you have to be careful and maintain a level of hygiene to prevent it from coming back.

RBS test needs to be performed if you suspect elevated sugar levels. It is the random blood sugar test done randomly at any time of the day.

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