Tips and Techniques To Use The Circular Saw Efficiently

Saws are emerging in making the work easier than to cut the object manually. however, it requires some techniques and tips that can guide you to cut the objects more efficiently. These steps include:

Tips and Techniques To Use The Circular Saw Efficiently

Set the blade properly

Adjust the blade by determining its depth. Lose the depth adjusting knob until it below the board of about ¼ to ½ in. now, tight the lever as it is adjusted.

Make your cutoff to fall freely

The board ends must be free fall. Circular saws for rough cuts, let them fall from the cut end. Splintering must be avoided for the safe cut. For this, support the boards when you start cutting. Support doesn’t mean to clamp it, but you can hold it. If you can’t hold it properly, then don’t use the cutoff piece.

Cutting technique

Crosscutting must be supported as it improper support may cause the plywood to the splinter of cutoff pieces. You can spam the pair of sawhorses to 2x4s if you use them.

Avoid kickback problems

Kickback problem is the real disaster as you see the strong waves coming to you and ignore them. This is because the boards bow downwards when the cut is near to completion. At this time, the blade pinching can make the board buck. This fact would be considered while cutting on the board as it can create the mess on your boards.

Trick for rip cuts

There is the trick to use this saw for rip cuts. Simply hold your board while ripping. It is best to clamp your board down towards sawhorses. Finish nails can be used for reducing the damage to make the best quality cutting.

Techniques for angle cut

Blade guards are present in the saws that are newly present in the market. Angled cut is better obtain from these blades if you initially retract the blade guards. However, it should be kept in mind that release your blade guards slowly when you are few inches from completion.

Common mistakes

Making straight cuts is not an easy task. However, if blade starts, it is easy to move its head. If you deviate from the cutting line, then obviously it would become more difficult to make the blade to common the right track. So, don’t make it come on the track, simply turn it off and start cutting again from the position you want.

Cutting boards without sawhorse

It better to cut the heavy pieces, where they lie instead of hoist these pieces on sawhorses. Rest the board on the toe and lean this against the shin. Then make the gravity to pull the saw for the cut. But, care is taken and saw cut must be stopped from the toe before at least 12in.

These tips must be considered while starting to cut the wood as an improper way is more dangerous and can cause you to hurt or simply can make your cutting ineffective and improper that you don’t want.


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