5 Things That Make You Love and Hate Your Smoke Detectors

With 13 out of 14 people now having homes equipped with smoke detectors, it is evident that more people realize the importance of being adequately protected against house fires. Unfortunately, the benefits of having smoke alarms installed also come with some nuisances. These downfalls certainly don’t outweigh the benefit of safety, but they are circumstances we all have dealt with at one point or another.

5 Things That Make You Love and Hate Your Smoke Detectors

The Reassurance of Knowing That Your Family Is Secure

The privilege of knowing that you and your family are protected against an unexpected fire is, of course, the most paramount benefit of having working smoke alarms installed. It has been shown that 60% of victims that die in house fires did not have working smoke alarms installed. Many people assume that they would naturally wake up once they smell the smoke associated with a fire, but this is not true. Gas and smoke inhalation kill most people who fall victim to house fires. Being alerted that fire is approaching before it gets out of hand could potentially save you and your family from these toxic gases. Smoke detectors alert the emergency services faster during a fire, so emergency personnel will also have a chance to get there before it has gotten out of hand.

The Continual Need for Testing

Being sure that you are surrounded by working smoke detectors, of course, comes with routinely testing the alarms. This testing can get a bit frustrating due to the process often being an extensive project. Most smoke alarms are installed near the ceiling for optimal detection, and they can be quite hard to reach. It is recommended to test smoke alarms at least once per month to be sure that they are in working order.

Fire Alarms Are Very Inexpensive

Purchasing a reliable smoke detector doesn’t have to break the bank. Consumers can find reputable brands for around $13-$15 that include all of the essential features. There are even detectors that offer lifelong lithium batteries so that they don’t have to continually pay out of pocket for batteries whenever they run out.

The Dreaded “Maintenance Required” Alert

We’ve all had a fire alarm produce an annoying beeping sound to let us know that it needs a new battery or repair work. While this alert is imperative in being sure that we have a working alarm system, it can be quite a pain to listen to. This warning signal has undoubtedly concocted a love-hate relationship for most homeowners with their smoke detectors.

Photoelectric Technology Reduces False Alarms

Many homeowners choose to have fire alarms in areas that are often engulfed in steam and smoke. Examples of areas like this are the kitchen and the bathroom. Some smoke detectors are now built with photoelectric technology that reduces the number of false alarms caused by everyday steam and smoke.

Having your home furnished with the necessary amount of smoke alarms is essential in operating a safe home environment. Many of these factors may occasionally get on our nerves, but working smoke detectors are still a vital safety feature of any building. Knowing that you and your family are out of harm’s way is worth putting up with the occasional hassles.


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