How Urban Working Women Handle A Long Commute

A lot of people now have to commute longer to work for many reasons. Some do it to live in affordable neighborhoods, while others dislike living in congested cities. No matter the reason, a lot of women now have to figure out how to handle a longer commute, and they have done so in the following ways.

How Urban Working Women Handle A Long Commute

Chill Pill

A little bit of relaxation can go a long way. If there are rest stops along the way or small detours that can make the commute go a little more quietly, don’t be afraid to take advantage. Put on your favorite music, your biggest headphones, or pull out your favorite book on tape to make the time more tailored to you and a bit more relaxing. Of course, it is important to ensure these breaks are small and that you leave your home a little early to make sure you get to work on time.


Other women are using the commute time for self-improvement. Women who want to improve their lives or themselves one way or another can use this travel time to their advantage. You could try to learn a new language through an app or you could learn new skills like negotiating, or organization through self-help resources.

Peace of Mind

Some women cannot help but think about their safety during long commutes, especially those traveling on foot. Try to find ways to make your commutes a little safer. One thing some women do is make sure they have the number of a good pedestrian accident lawyer on hand while also following proper traffic laws. Whether on bike or foot you can stay safe and protected no matter where you are. No matter how safe you might think you are, accidents could still happen, which is the reason smart women take these kind of precautions.

A Little Study

Some women simply try to learn more about the commute they take. You can figure out new and better ways to get to work or home. This is something that you can do to try to cut your travel time because there is likely a different way to get to where you are going without relying on the main streets or highways, which are usually a lot more crowded.

These are just some of the things women do to deal with their long commutes from their home and job. If you have a long commute this year and are looking to spice up a boring ride or walk, use these ideas to make every day different.

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