Allmuze Introduces New Update With The Hope Of Improving Vlogging Experience

AMMAN, Nov. 19, 2017 — The new and improved Allmuze Studio was introduced on the 8th of Oct 2017, highlighting the real aim of the platform which first saw the light in April 2017, and that is to help as many young people connect and share their stories.

Allmuze Introduces New Update With The Hope Of Improving Vlogging Experience

While Allmuze shares mutual features with platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter including posting, liking, commenting and sharing, it offers exclusive features, such as allowing users to “Remuze” by adding their own video or audio commentary to any post (video over video, voice over video, video over photo and voice over photo).

“Allmuze is not just another video sharing platform,” says Doua Aqel, Community Development Manager at Allmuze, “it is a new place for the youth to discover, muse and create unique video and audio reactions. It allows social media users to discover what’s happening around them, add their opinions and point of views and share their stories with the world. Allmuze helps Muzers catch up with the latest trends and add their insight in an easy and fun way by making their personality become part of it.”

Available on Android and iOS, Allmuze is free and user-friendly. Audio-visual processing is fast and available for high quality content. The application contains three languages: Arabic, English and French. A worldwide release is set to take place at the beginning of the year 2018, and further features are to follow during the second half of 2018, such as account verification.

About Allmuze:

For story tellers who seek to inspire the cultural narrative, Allmuze is the only social vlogging and podcasting platform where users can discover, muse, and create unique video and audio reactions to let their personality become a part of the story.

Allmuze headquarters office is based in San Francisco, MENA regional office is based in Amman.

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