Is Online Gaming Becoming a Fun Way to Bond with your Family?

A strong family bonding is very essential for an individual’s well-being and also from a society’s perspective. In today’s fast-paced life, finding some time for oneself is a no less than a luxury, let alone having fun. Somewhere in all this rush, it is surprising to know that online gaming in its unique way is helping families bond together in a fun and interesting manner. As the youngsters have always been drawn towards these online games, it is really astonishing to know that the older generation has equally found interests in online gaming. With 120 million online gamers in the country, the average age of the players is about 24 years.

Social connectedness

It’s undoubtedly the age of social media. Today, everyone – young and old prefers to have an active social profile on the various social media platforms. There is a new-found urge among people to establish social connectedness with their groups especially with family and friends. They are keen on nurturing and growing this social connectedness too. And the best way to achieve this is through online games. One of the advantages of playing on social platforms is that you can like, share and be actively involved in the game as you would do in the physical world. In fact, you could connect with a distant relatives or even your kinder garden pal and enjoy as online gaming defies the time and place constraints.

Better mental health benefits

One of the prime reasons we find the surge in the count of online gamers is the need among people to keep their mind active. Games are the means to achieve this objective. Especially online games give you umpteen opportunities and challenges for a good workout of your brain to keep you mentally alert and active. Also, games like online rummy Game are very good stress busters too with the right balance of fun and challenges in them with flexible rummy rules. The older folks in fact thoroughly enjoy playing cards games like online Indian rummy as it is very similar to their traditional rummy but with added features and more interesting elements packed into it.

Smartphones bring the change wave

Unlike the earlier days, when you had to take turns to play on a PC, smartphones of today have become your very own personal gaming device. With feature-rich, good configuration and reasonably prized smartphones available in the market, mobile gaming was the expected outcome. The easy to download gaming apps along the ease of payments and withdrawals have catapulted smartphones to the big league slowly eating into the PC and console markets’ share. As smartphones are an indispensable personal gadget for every member of the family, the best way to stay bonded together is by doing things of mutual interest such as online games and entertainment.

The excitement of playing with your own community

The innate need among people to enjoy playing online games within their community of family and friends has been the driving force behind making online games a means to nurture relationships and bonding. Many people thoroughly enjoy playing with their known group and sharing their digital experiences with them. Particularly, with parents and children, enjoying online games together has a positive impact on their relationships. Online card games like online rummy with their referral programs aim to achieve a good camaraderie among members of the family and friends by inviting them to form their own groups and teach them how to play rummy to play with them.


As online gaming is steadfastly moving to make its impact on every sphere of life, we find new relationship and bonding goals being set all along the way.

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