Things We Can Learn From Family Animation Movies

Family animation movies teach us many things. Regardless of differences in story lines and topics, we can still find a number of identical core values. These animation movies teach us respect and dignity. By treating others in a good way, we could bring out the best in them. Many characters in these movies often do everything possible that they will be liked by others. There are also various bad behaviors displayed in these movies, such as vengeance and hatred. Because many children still form early concepts and ideas about the relationships with others. Parents should make sure that their children won’t put the wrong pieces on the puzzles. Instead encouraging good behaviors, it is possible that these animation movies end up causing bad behaviors among children.

It is common to see that failures often result in self-hatred among animation characters. This could happen when characters in these animation films try to conform to a specific ideal, so they can look more like everyone else. Like in real life, the society seems to set out to eradicate the superhero in us. Some characters in these films could become intolerant to uniqueness, excellence and greatness. It is important that children are able to see this in a more positive way. They should become more realistic about what’s often happen in real life. They should also know things that they should do to deal with unfriendly individuals. In a society with less than ideal core values, protagonists are often forced to act, conform and comply like everyone else.

People can get scared of us, if we act exactly like we are. Often, children find that they need to become someone who others can be comfortable with. Just like superheroes, children may find that they need to hide their own preferences and interests, so they can be better understood by others. Children may find it exhausting to build an inner fortress where they can be who they are. They don’t want to be called freak, because they are just a bit different. Our children may have friends who want to usurp our children’s unique ability and skills. This could cause traumatic experience, when children are suffering from continuous physical and verbal abuses. In this situation, students could feel a little insignificant. It is important for children to know what protagonists do to deal with these situations.

As an example, protagonists in animation movies may teach children that success is the best revenge. Whatever decision they take, children should be closer to success. It could be a waste of talent if we pursue the wrong thing. We could sink lower, each time we become jealous and envious of others. Bad things could happen when we seek to destroy, instead of building a great life. By aiming for success, we should be able to get rewarding results. Children should know how to put their abilities and skills to good use. Parents need to empower their children to do better and they shouldn’t be afraid external pressures. Children should know how to love themselves, so they will be able to establish better relationships with others.

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