Best Trilogies in the Film Industry

There are famous trilogies that are influential in the film industry. One of the most famous is the Matrix. It’s a sci-fi action series, with high octane actions, neo-noir environment and philosophical dialogues. There’s also a mix of gun shots and martial arts. The trilogy is amazing to watch from start to finish and quite thought provoking. Neo is portrayed by Keanu Reeves who is surprised to know that the world isn’t the actual reality. He sets out to find out about the truth. The last movie in the trilogy is quite impressive and we could see intense battles involving a lot of gunfire and huge robots. The whole setting looks like a realistic dystopian world. The Matrix could convince that the fantasy world is actually the reality. The CGI augmented scenes with the protagonist and the villain fighting one another is quite interesting to see. The Matrix has a huge impact in the film industry and it affected the same genre. It’s a pop culture franchise that may actually rival the Star Wars, at least the prequel trilogy.

It should also be interesting to watch the Toy Story trilogy and by then, it had the state of art animation that attract many watchers, including adults. It’s about toys that are able to come to life. The trilogy brings so much laughter and tear to children and parents. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen provided wonderful voice acting for Woody and Buzz, respectively. The story is quite breathtaking and captivating, giving us more than a few belly aching laughter. The last film in the trilogy could be the best, especially when the toys come to terms with leaving Andy, their beloved owners. The trilogy is quite well known for its quote – To Infinity and Beyond!

Another memorable trilogy is the Lord of the Rings, which is followed by a prequel trilogy, The Hobbit. It’s based on Tolkien’s expansive fantasy world of Middle Earth. It’s a world full with ordinary men, graceful elves, ancient ents, fearsome orcs and resourceful hobbits. The trilogy fulfills our imagination on fantasy world with so many wonderful depictions, such as a fiery volcano and wraiths who are riding dragon-like creature. It is something that brings our fantasy to life. Fans of the trilogy should purchase the extended DVD version, which offers additional bonuses, such as footage that’s not included in the movie.

The best trilogy in the film industry is arguably the original Star Wars series. When it was released, Star Wars was groundbreaking and it’s something that’s never done before. Instead of happening in a future Earth, the Star Wars saga happened a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. It’s believed to be one of the best franchises in the film industry. Just like in any fantasy world, we could find an unknown hero, beautiful princess, wise mentor and lovable rogue. In essence, it’s the same classic story about the good against the overwhelming evil forces. There are obviously a number of wonderful scenes and some of them are quite memorable enough. After the sequel trilogy, we are currently in the midst of a sequel, the third trilogy of the space opera.

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