Reasons Why You Should Retain A Trucking Accident Attorney

Do you know that you are entitled to compensation if you are involved in a truck accident because of someone else’s negligence or liability? Filing and following up a compensation claim on your own can be challenging, especially when it comes to dealing with insurance firms. Adjusters and lawyers from the defense side are known to offer lowball compensation that might not adequately cater to medical expenses.

Fortunately, you can retain an experienced St. Louis MO Trucking Accident Attorney who has vast knowledge in truck accidents and their repercussions instead of playing the lawyer role. Since nobody expects and plans to be in an accident, it will help if you get someone who can compel the responsible parties to indemnify you in all ways possible.

It is also important to note that the collision of large trucks isn’t the same as that of small cars, so the consequences can be catastrophic, even unnoticeable. That is why you need a reasonable attorney who can point you in the specialist’s direction for bone and spinal cord analysis to determine any fracture and the extent of the damage.

Reasons Why You Should Retain A Trucking Accident Attorney

So, what are the other reasons that should compel you to retain a trucking accident attorney? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Special Rules and Regulation Involved

As noted, the trucking industry is way different from that of the normal motor industry, in many ways, including the rules and regulations that they follow. As a non-commercial driver, you are not privy to some of these stipulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. On the other hand, a trucking accident lawyer has the track and experience of dealing with such laws and will immediately note the regulations that the truck driver might have violated.

  • Courtroom Litigation

If your lawyer isn’t satisfied with what the adjusters are proposing, your case may have no option but to proceed to a courtroom hearing. Remember, at this stage, even the third-parties will have lawyered up. A reputable trucking accident attorney will prepare necessary evidence to reconstruct the accident scene and prove negligence or liability under torts law. Your lawyer will also cross-examine the other parties to disband any “manufactured evidence” towards assigning the accident’s liability to you.

  • Negotiation

In a move to avoid bad publicity, insurance companies might sometimes soften up and call you in for negotiation. If other parties are involved, it can be challenging to negotiate while maintaining your stand on what you want for compensation. Most trucking accident lawyers are trained in expert and professional negotiation to see that your terms are fully met on the round table.

  • Contingency-fee

Lastly, you might want to hire a seasoned trucking accident attorney because you’ll not pay for anything until the compensation is awarded. If you lose the case, you still don’t pay anything. Most lawyers will charge their contingency fee on a percentage basis, which varies between 33% and 40% depending on the possible amount that you could win, mitigating factors in the case, and any other expenses incurred, such as specialized treatment. However, it is advisable that you agree with your lawyer on what he/she will charge in writing before the commencement of the case.

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