Three Must-Have Supplies for a Contractor’s Truck

If you’re a contractor who wants to grow your list of clients, then it’s important to provide quality work every time. A record of quality work earns you a lot of praise and word-of-mouth recommendations. Having the right supplies in your truck makes your work on a house, apartment or condo more efficient. Checkout three essential supplies for you to keep in your work truck.


Many home renovations require new drywall to be installed. Having a supply of drywall in your truck means you can take out pieces, measure them, cut them and get started redoing damaged walls right away. When a client sees a completed wall where there were only gaping holes the day before, he or she is going to be immediately impressed with the diligence of the contractor! Though you don’t know how much drywall you will need to finish the job, you can at least begin the work with what you have.

Floor Protection

Maybe the day’s list of tasks includes caulking and painting the walls of a home. Understandably, the client is concerned about the condition of his hardwood floors while this painting and caulking work is being done. The solution to this is a supply of flooring paper. Companies such as Trimaco make this sort of product for the purpose of protecting floors while messy work is being done. Also, it protects floors as contractors, workers and other repair people are walking through the home. Having this floor protection in your truck means you can assure the homeowner that steps are being taken to protect their floors.

A Large Toolbox

As a contractor, you know you need a lot of tools for your daily work. Drills, drill bits, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, tape measures and wrenches are just a few of the tools you need on the job. Having a complete set of durable tools can help you to get working on a project right away. You know that finishing a job sooner than expected always leaves the client happy. If you need specialized tools for a job, you can put those aside in a safe place until you need them so your truck isn’t overloaded.

Of course, these are just three of the essential supplies you should have in your work truck. There are many other supplies that make your job a lot easier. As a note, making a list of the supplies you have in your truck can help you keep track of things. So, you can add to your stock or replace any tools that are worn-out without causing any delays in your work schedule.

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