The Most Advanced Fertility Techniques

Fertility is an increasingly important issue for many couples. With the average age people decide to start a family getting greater, more and more people are trying to conceive at a time when fertility is not at its peak.

Getting pregnant naturally after the age of 35 is not a vain hope, but you do need to be aware of the issues surrounding your fertility and some of the techniques you can use to enhance and make the most of yours.

Today we’re taking a look at some of the advanced fertility techniques currently available to couples, than can help boost the chances of a natural conception and a healthy pregnancy.


One of the best things you can do to improve your chances of conceiving is learn how you can predict when you’re going to ovulate. Ovulation is the most vital event for fertility: without sperm meeting that egg, you can’t get pregnant.

Predicting when you ovulate lets you make sure you don’t miss this date, and allows you to focus your attempts to conceive on what’s known as the fertile window. If you have an irregular menstrual cycle, it’s even harder to predict when you ovulate and therefore even more important to find out when it’s going to happen.

Using the sort of advanced fertility monitor that’s now available gives you a considerable advantage. The best fertility devices work with your basal body temperature, using readings taken at your metabolic minimum over the course of many days to spot the pattern of small changes in temperature that show your body is preparing for ovulation.

While this method used to involve exhaustive manual chartings of your temperature readings, modern devices automatically record your temperature and use cloud computing to pass your results through a tested algorithm to produce a prediction of your next fertile window.


Understanding of just how fertility works and what your body needs to be fertile has never been better. That means with research and expert advice you can construct a diet that gives your body the building blocks it needs to produce healthy sperm (and eggs). You want both eggs and sperm to be healthy in order to maximise your fertile window: the longer they survive, the longer your fertile window, and the better your chance of a natural conception

It’s important to approach any ‘fertility diet’ with a critical eye: lots of people are prepared to promise miracles. What you need are results based in reality. Two things the experts agree on are the importance of leafy green vegetables, which provide a lot of the most important chemicals for building sperm and eggs, and ensuring a regular menstrual cycle, and supplements of folic acid, which are not merely helpful in boosting the chances of conception but also a healthy, full term pregnancy.

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