Reliable Onboard Vehicle Weighing Systems

Vehicles that are used in the mining, construction, and transport industries are designed to carry heavy loads. These loads can jeopardize the stability of the vehicles and put it at a risk of an accident. A universal measuring system is used to examine the vehicle’s weight while on site. This system is referred to as the onboard weighing system.

Onboard weighing systems use software that is fully integrated into the vehicle’s electronic system. Through this, the owner can use the data to remotely monitor the vehicle’s productivity. Kimax is among the main providers of these systems. The Kimax weighing system was created to provide optimal productivity by reducing wear and tear as well as the amount of time and cost.

How They Work

The load cells of onboard weighing scales are installed onto the truck’s chassis. These scales are very easy to install; they’re also easy to repair if damaged. It’s important to weigh the body before and after it is loaded. The scales record the exact weight of the load as the truck is loaded.

It is possible to easily upgrade the software into a modern processing system for improved load management, route planning, and navigation.

The system includes a light indicator which shows yellow at part load, green at nominal load, and red when the truck is overloaded.

Reliable Onboard Vehicle Weighing Systems

Additional features of Onboard Weighing Systems

Onboard weighing systems come with extra features that make them more efficient. They include:

  • Remote handset display screens
  • GPS tracking
  • PC and Printer communications
  • Load cells
  • Radio telemetry weighers
  • Air pressure transducers
  • Hydraulic oil pressure transducers
  • Barcode readers

The Competitive Advantages of Using Onboard Weighing Systems

Companies that deal in onboard weighing systems are working day and night trying to outdo each other. Competitor companies are looking for ways to make their systems more efficient and still keep them affordable.

Investing in onboard weighing systems has numerous advantages. Here are some of them:

  1. Saves Time and Money

Onboard scales help many truck owners to save time and money. This is because these systems weight the load as it’s loaded into the truck. Doing this eliminated the need to offload if the truck is overloaded.

Incorporating onboard weighing systems ensures the maximum weight is not exceeded when loading. This will protect you from paying high fines associated with overloading.

  1. Reliable and Efficient

The use of reliable onboard weighing systems optimizes efficiency. This is because they make it easy to determine, track, and keep a record of trucks’ weight during transportation. The systems also minimize the amount of energy needed because there is no need to offload and reload the truck until the desired weight is attained.

The technology used in onboard weighing systems is tried and tested so it has been proven to be quite reliable.


The weight load is everything in the transport industry. It is, therefore, advisable that truck owners invest in reliable and precision onboard weighing systems for their fleets to maximize productivity. It is very critical for the driver to know the exact weigh of the truck at any given time.

Operators who have already had the systems installed into their trucks are already experiencing triumphant results. Weighing systems are here to stay so it would be best to invest and start enjoying the benefits.

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