Best Japanese Cars To Drive In South Africa

South Africa entertains the greatest percentage of tourist. Many tourists every year visits the place to discover its scenic beauty. South Africa is a region of diverse terrain. It is situated on plateaus and hills that make the landscape uneven. It has tricky pathways and twisting roads. The place is full of curves and edges. The rolling grasslands, tree-dotted plains, and bushy valleys are predominant in the region. Many adventurous trips are planned there including the ever-famous bungee jumping.

Best Japanese Cars To Drive In South Africa

When it comes to driving, the regions is quite challenging for new drivers as well those who have years of experience. The tricky roads and complex routes instigate the need to have a stable and robust car. You must a car that can perform well in such a complicated region where there are many lowlands and sloppy areas. In the list of trustable cars, Japanese cars stood as the perfect option to count on. These cars are by far stable and most reliable. The list of Japanese cars that enjoys greater demand in South Africa includes the following:


Toyota is the leading Japanese brands that do its business all across the globe. It has its offices set up in different regions around the world. The models of Toyota cars that suits perfectly for such a landscape includes:

Toyota Raum

Toyota Raum is a car packed with a classy interior, affordability and unmatchable performance. It has an efficient transmission and flawless front engine drive. It enjoys major exports in Sri Lanka, South Africa and the United States due to its luxurious features.

Toyota IPSUM

A multi-purpose vehicle- Toyota Ipsum is known for its smooth drive and efficient mechanism. It is fully automatic and is easy to handle as well. For sloppy pathways, to delivers perfect grip on the road.

Toyota GAIA

Toyota Gaia is one of the finest Used Japanese cars in South Africa. It is next to Nissan and many other prominent models like Honda Odyssey and Mitsubishi Chariot. The car depicts luxury and modern touch. It has most comfortable seats with a room for almost five passengers. The broad interior and exotic accessories make its class apart.


Toyota Corolla is one of the leading car models. In all across the world especially in Middle East, Asia, US and South Africa, people prefer the car. It is used for both the purposes, for having a long drive with your family on weekend evenings or running everyday errands.


Honda is a proud name for efficient automobile and best-performing cars. It has manufactured some of the most demanded cars and has exported them all across the globe. Its cars are famous for their stability and perfect balance on diverse terrains.

Honda CRV

If you want to enjoy a perfect blend of auspicious interior and exotic exterior, you must take a look at Honda CRV. It is a car known for its extra smart and ultra-classy interior. Having an efficient back camera and best in class accessories, it adds a true class in your life.

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