5 Types of Wedding Rings for Women and Men

Your engagement is on the way, and you haven’t decided the ring due to all the hassle. The engagement ceremony is celebrated in a very grand way in India. Exchanging rings mean a lot to the couples. It plays a very important part in their lives where they promise each other to stay together during their good or bad days. There is a deep meaning behind wearing this ring on the left hand of the ring finger. The ring finger contains a vein that is called the vein of love that is directly connected to the heart. This vein is also referred to as the Vein Amoris which brings feelings of love to the heart. The bond of the couple stays together for eternity with the help of the ring on the finger. If you want to personally gift your fiancé a pretty gift for your engagement, then pick matching gold bangles in 10 grams for her.

Today, this ceremony is considered as a must before the wedding. Engagement rings are worn when you are committed to someone. It also portrays that how much you love your better half. Even if you both are far away, the ring makes you connected and near to your spouse. If you both are together, then it makes feel like your bond is forever and it will never be broken. But before exchanging rings you have to buy the perfect ring which should have a unique design. You can find 3 gram gold ring price for men and women online at exclusive deals. Show your love to your partner by choosing the best rings from the options mentioned below:

  1. Simple plain gold wedding rings:

If you want to keep it simple, then you can buy these rings. Some people believe that promises are meant to be kept, not shown. You can pick one of the most subtle and elegant designs for your partner. You can opt for the gold plain ring which shows the purity and simplicity of love.

  1. Fingerprint wedding rings for couples:

This is one of the most attractive rings designed especially for couples. These rings come in a variety of metals like red gold, platinum, gold, silver as well as palladium. This ring is given an oxidized finish and also a small fingerprint detail.

  1. Matching wedding gold rings:

These pairing rings are chosen by the couples who are made for each other. Their true love is conveyed by the matching rings. The rings form a heart when they are brought together. Even when they are apart, the ring reminds them of their partner.

  1. Rose gold wedding ring:

This ring looks marvelous on the fingers of the bride. White and pink diamonds are set in an order to make it more attractive. The white diamond is placed in the middle to make it look pretty.

  1. Simple Diamond gold wedding ring:

It is s evergreen diamond ring which is always chosen by the grooms. The diamond shines show bright, and it will definitely win the hearts of your women. Even though it is a plain ring, the big diamond is placed like a crown which highlights the diamond.

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