5 Games That Are Simple to Understand and Help to Think Better

The games we play are exciting and help us pass our time. There are many games that are really simple to grasp and they help us think better and also acquire new skills. Here we have listed out 5 such games that most people enjoy playing and which help us all think better:


This is one of the popular games in playing cards that most people in India enjoy playing. The game has many diverse variations and all are equally exciting and thought-provoking. The goal of the gamer in most variations is just to make the required number of melds and sequences. However, based on the variation, the number of cards used to play the game, the number of decks used and the role of the joker may vary a bit.

The rules that explain how to play rummy are simple. Anyone can easily learn the basic rules of the game. However, each player has to think and strategize to make his opponent lose the game and there is no standard way to do it.

Dumb Charades

This is one of the most popular and interesting games when many people gather at one place. In this game, a player is provided the name of a movie and he needs to act it out without the help of any props. While the game sounds pretty simple, it is not as easy as it sounds. One needs to be quick in understanding what the actor is showing. Even when you are enacting a movie, it can be difficult to come up with the right action to invite the right guesses. This game does provoke all players to think and come up with interesting guesses.


This is yet another fun game that you can play during gatherings. Here the person is given a word to draw out on board. It could be a word or even an idiom or usage. The people who participate find it difficult to draw the exact phrase or meaning and come up with funny and hilarious pictures that can make the whole crowd roaring with laughter.

Treasure Hunt

Another interesting game to play when the group has gathered is treasure hunt. In this game some gift is hidden at a remote location and clues are hidden all around the area. People need to decipher the clues and understand where the location of the next clue could be. This can be exciting teamwork and brainwork. The person to find the last clue is the series finds the treasure too which is the prize for the winner of the game.

Bluff/Cheater Challenge

The number of card games that are interesting and thought-provoking are many. Bluff or cheater/challenge is one such game that most players enjoy. The goal of this game is to finish the cards in your hand. This you can do by throwing the cards by saying what they are or by bluffing. When you are caught bluffing in the game, you are penalised with picking all the preceding cards.

Whenever there is a party or gathering, one needs to select such interesting games that keep the players busy and engaged. You must select games that everyone likes or half the people attending the party will be bored.

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