What To Do When Brake, Suspension and Tire Pressure Warnings Are Activated?

There are different warning lights that we may find in our cars. Some of them can be essential. As an example, we may find that the red brake warning light is activated. This could be an indication of danger. There are different issues that can degrade the braking performance of our car, such as the leakage of brake fluid. If the warning light is accompanied by brake pedal that feels spongy or abnormal, then we shouldn’t drive it. We may need to stop for awhile and check whether the car stops properly. We need to go to the mechanic’s shop directly and we shouldn’t drive too fast. In some cars, the brake warning light illuminates when the emergency prake isn’t engaged. In some car models, there’s also yellow brake warning light. Compared to the red light, this indicates less urgent problem. It could happen when brake pads have worn out. Eventually, disc brake pads will wear down and this is an indication that we need to replace the pads immediately. In this condition, we could still drive the car, but we should replace the pads the following day. Because the pads have worn out, it is important to avoid driving too fast, so we don’t need to engage the brake too aggressively. We should be aware that if we let the situation unaddressed, we may cause damages on the brake system. Constant stop and go driving style in urban condition could cause our brake pads to wear out faster.

What To Do When Brake, Suspension and Tire Pressure Warnings Are Activated?

The problem will become quite severe when the brake pads have been worn down to the metal backing surface. When it happens, the disc brake rotors can be damaged.. In some cases, the problem may extend to the disc brake calipers. When dealing with brake system, we should make sure that we need to replace components or not. We should be able to save money when we replace any component early enough, so the damage won’t extend to other areas. In some cases, rotors and pads haven’t been worn down; but we find rust on them. Corrosion could cause degradation in braking performance. During regular brake maintenance, it is quite rare that we find calipers need to be replaced. Suspension warning light is also find some car models, they could be related to hydraulic suspension. The monitoring system could detect some amount of faults. There could also be leakage in hydraulic fluids. If the warning light is activated, it is still possible to drive the car. However, we should drive slowly to determine whether there’s problem with the suspension. As an example, damage may cause the suspension to drop too low and our car may respond roughly to bumps and shocks. Lastly, we should consider about the tire pressure warning light. This could happen when the pressure in tires is too low. There are various sensors that determine whether tire pressure gets too low. This should be easy to fix and we may go to the nearest car sellers.

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