Types of Strange Noises in Our Car

There are many noises that can emanate from our cars and one of the most common is ticking. There are many reasons why our cars have new ticking noises. Ticking sounds in rapid succession could be caused by low oil situations. This can be confirmed if the noise seems to come from the upper part of the engine. Cars with V-type engine may have this noise either at the right or left sides on the engines. The first time we hear the ticking sound, we should stop the car and wait until the engine cools down. Check the oil level and if it’s low; we should make sure to refill it, until we reach the recommended level. If the problem remains, we should go to the professional mechanics immediately. Other ticking noises can be quite normal, such as the typical operation of A/C compressor and in some cars; they are clacking. However, the noise can be loud enough if there are debris in electric fan and other moving components.

Squealing is a common noise that’s associated with worn out belts. They are often attached to pulleys and as moving components; we should expect that they will experience progressive wear and tear. Belts could also dry out and after a long period of heavy us; they will crack. Often, the fastest way to determine the source of the noise is by replacing the betls. However, this can be quite time consuming and it’s better to use makeshift cone to better pinpoint the source of the noise. Use flashlight to closely examine the condition of the belt. If they are cracked; then it’s a good idea to replace them. Worn out belts are not the only source of squealing noises; it could be also caused by lack of fluid in the power steering pump. If all belts are still in good conditions; we should check the power steering. In both cases, we will still need the help of professional mechanics to solve the problem. Bearing in water pumps could also wear out and this will result in similar squealing noises.

Other types of noise that we often hear are knocking and pinging; they could be caused by faulty fuel and ignition system. Problem can be as simple as having fuel quality that’s not suitable for out engine. Both noises could also be caused by filling up our car in a wrong station or by having poor maintenance schedules. This could happen when we just arrive in a new town or city. If pinging and knocking occurs right after we go to a local fuel station; then we should consider go to another station the next time. We should confirm to the seller whether we are buying gasoline with the right octane number. If the problem is confirmed not caused by wrong type of gasoline, then we may need to check the air filters, spark plugs and other components. Both noises can sometimes be removed simply b using fuel additive that’s designed to clean the fuel injection system. In many cases, the fuel injection system will clear up, removing the pinging and knocking noises.

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