Types Of Lifts As Reliable Lifting Platforms

There are multiple device alternatives available over the web from where you can hire the most suitable option for your workplace. Before you hire a lifting equipment, it is essential to analyze which type of the equipment platform can serve best for you.

The different platforms used extensively in a lifting industry can be termed collectively as lifts. There are plentiful versions of lifts available over the web that can bring you safe results.

Types Of Lifts As Reliable Lifting Platforms

Variety Of Lift Types Used In Multiple Lifting Operations

Scissor Lifts

Come with the standard fuel range, this lift type has a basic height of 6m to 20m. The compact and narrow size of lifts are specially meant for interior applications like warehouses. They can also be fit through doorways and have an extended platform area to allow larger working.

Trailer Mounted Lifts

These lifts are quick to set up with manual or hydraulic outriggers. They can be towed easily from one site to other through any suitable device. Similarly, self-propelled platforms can be moved via specialized transportation device.

Boom Lifts

Compact versions of these lifts are available in about 1m wide design that can be ideally used in confined spaces. They can be used at the working heights of about 6m to 16m, but for an extended range of almost 25m, a large articulating boom can be used. Similarly, a large stick boom can provide you a maximum height up to 135m. They offer a wide outreach and are diesel-powered.

Personnel Lifts

These lifts are portable in size and tend to provide high manoeuvrability in confined areas. They are set up by a single person and can be moved into position. They can work till the heights of 10 metres and can offer space for two workers by an optimum size of platform.


As all the lift types have different height capacity, it is required to choose the device that can perfectly reach the height that you need. Most of these platforms come with distinct fuel types such as battery, LPG, air powered and bi-fuel (diesel or battery). If you want a reliable product range of lifting devices, you simply need to hire lifting equipment from a reputed supplier.

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