List Of Good Habits Your Baby Can Learn From Cartoon Characters

Good habits shape the personality of a person. And these, if taught from a young age, are embedded in the child’s system. The most interesting and fun way to teach these good habits to your kids is through Cartoon Characters.

Everyone likes a well-groomed child. Someone who is courteous understands hygiene and helps people around him. While parents are the role models for any child, in this day and age it is hard for them to be around their children, all the time.

It is important for kids to know the difference between what is good and bad for themselves as well others around them. And who better than their favorite cartoon characters to teach them good habits and basic lessons of life? 

Children learn good habits from the environment they grow up in. After parents, it has been noted that children spend the majority of their time watching television. With their well-written scenarios, on the spot audio and bang on visual effects, Cartoons manage to create a fantasy land that children love and enjoy. So much so, that children want to dress and act like their favorite Cartoon Character. Thus, cartoon characters presence is undeniable.

With Cartoon characters like Doraemon, Bugs Bunny, Winnie the Pooh and the most famous, Chhota Bheem, the creators try to inculcate some values along with wholesome entertainment. Each one of these teaches the kids good habits and life lessons with fun.

List of good habits your baby can learn from famous cartoon characters –

  1. Doraemon

    List Of Good Habits Your Baby Can Learn From Cartoon Characters

    Blue-headed helping robot

    The little-round-blue alien teaches good habit to children by helping his friends in all circumstances with all the resources that he has.

  2. Mickey Mouse

    List Of Good Habits Your Baby Can Learn From Cartoon Characters

    Good habits from Mickey mouse

    One of the earliest cartoons, Mickey Mouse teaches children good habit by making them realise the importance of staying happy and leading a carefree life.

  3. Winnie the Pooh
    List Of Good Habits Your Baby Can Learn From Cartoon Characters
    The yellow, pot bellied bear teaches children acceptance towards people and situations. It encourages them to maintain a positive outlook towards life.
    Your baby would love this Winnie the Pooh Soft Toy.
  4. Tom and Jerry

    List Of Good Habits Your Baby Can Learn From Cartoon Characters

    Tom troubling jerry

    This constantly fighting duo of cat and mouse teaches children the art of co-existing even when there is a conflict of interest.

  5. Dexter
    List Of Good Habits Your Baby Can Learn From Cartoon Characters
    This little einstein encourages children to chase their curiosity and think out of the box.
  6. Power Puff Girls
    List Of Good Habits Your Baby Can Learn From Cartoon Characters
    This dynamic trio teaches children the importance of teamwork. Moreover, it instills the feeling of gender equality by showing female protagonists.
  7. Bugs Bunny
    List Of Good Habits Your Baby Can Learn From Cartoon Characters
    The quick-witted bunny teaches children the art of being in the moment and using their presence of mind to get out of any situations.
  8. Phineas and Ferb
    List Of Good Habits Your Baby Can Learn From Cartoon Characters
    This curious duo which is known for creating something new and innovative in their backyard teaches children to dream and aim big.
  9. Chota Bheem
    List Of Good Habits Your Baby Can Learn From Cartoon Characters
    This young hero teaches kids the importance of being helpful, kind and honest along with being confident, calm and alert.
  10. Roll No.21
    List Of Good Habits Your Baby Can Learn From Cartoon Characters
    The character of young Krishna not only generates an interest in mythology for kids, it teaches children to constantly fight against evil and injustice.

All these cartoon characters are universally accepted and appreciated for their positivity

However, not all shows and characters generate a positive outcome. Shows that include violence or are purely “entertainment” based do not inculcate any good habits in a child.
Shows like ShinChan where the protagonist disrespects people around him or Jonny Quest where the protagonist supports violence and stereotypes are not something you’d want your children to watch.
With the types of shows covered, let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of introducing your child to Cartoons, thus deciding where to draw the line.

List Of Positive Effects Of Watching Cartoon Characters

  1. Cartoons can help shape the social skills of a child. They teach good habits to kids. Cartoon characters make them control their temper or react to a situation. Basic etiquettes of interaction with parents, elders, and peers can be easily taught and grasped via famous cartoon characters.
  2. Children can learn to work in a team and help each other out in need. Cartoons help promote the idea of appreciating others without getting jealous or insecure.
  3. Cartoon characters can inspire children to be leaders. Moreover, they can teach children how to deduce a problem logically with thorough risk assessment.
  4. Cartoon characters help in enhancing the exploring and observing skills of children by opening up their horizons to a vivid imagination.
  5.  Cartoons introduce children to new words and dictions. Thus, expanding their vocabularies and knowledge about the world.
  6. Most importantly, Cartoons manage to entertain and engage a child like no other medium of entertainment.

On the other side, Cartoons are also known to have a few cons as well.

List of Negative Effects of Watching Cartoon Characters

  1. A flawed cartoon can form an undesirable viewpoint of children towards his parents, friends or teachers.
  2. A character with negative attitude could confuse the child about his understanding of life and surroundings.
  3. Cartoons with violent content teach children to act in an aggressive manner.
  4. Cartoons with minimalistic sounds develop a weak vocabulary in children. They prefer to make sounds instead of forming a proper sentence.
  5. Constant viewing can have an impact on the eyesight of your child.
  6. Cartoons tend to make children lazy, thus, cutting out on their social life.

With both the sides considered, it is safe to say that Cartoons are the necessary devil in your child’s life. Its presence in a child’s life is undeniable.

List Of Good Habits Your Baby Can Learn From Cartoon Characters

Tom & Jerry learning good habits together

Thus, one needs to take certain precautions or measures to ensure that your child learns something every time he sits in front of that Television screen.
You can always follow a television guide, to make them watch their favorite cartoon characters without them getting obsessed.

Make Kids Watch Cartoon Characters Without Them Getting Addicted

  1. Keep the television out of your child’s room
    – Keeping a television in your child’s room gives him the power to watch any content without supervision. Moreover, it might tempt your child to watch television at untimely hours, thus, affecting his sleeping patterns.
  2. Keep a check on what your child is watching
    – It is essential for a parent to keep an eye on the content that their child is watching. With the abundance of sexual and violent content on the screen, it is important for parents to ensure that their child is not introduced to such shows at an early stage in life.
  3. Plan your child’s TV time
    – It is a great idea to make a schedule for your child. Not only would it limit the amount of time your child spends in front of the screen, it would ensure that the content he watches is also monitored.


Kid’s love for Cartoon Characters

Studies have shown that an average child watches approximately 18,000 hours of television from kindergarten to high school. It is, thus natural for them to learn and absorb from these cartoon characters.
According to a research published on UNICEF’s official website, thinking and imagination are the two factors that affect the functionality of child’s mind till he turns 12.

Ultimately, there is not much that can be done to keep your child away from cartoons.
Cartoons are probably the first mode of entertainment that a child gets attracted to and as a parent, it is your job to ensure that you teach your kids some good habits out of it.
With the abundance of content, it is your job to filter out shows that promote positivity and make learning fun.

After all, it is all about teaching our kids that “With great power, comes great responsibility”- Spiderman.
Share your kid’s and your favorite cartoon character’s punchlines in the comments section below. Because it’s good to be immature and learn things from kids as maturity is any way overrated 😀

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