5 Strange Things You Shouldn’t Forget To Bring On A Long Road Trip

Going on a road trip should be fun, educational, and memorable. In between the here and there (assuming there is a definite destination) drivers and passengers always so much to discover. You never know what may happen along the way. Here are five things you can, and should, bring with you.

5 Strange Things You Shouldn't Forget To Bring On A Long Road Trip

1. 72 Hour Survival Kit

In the event of a car or truck accident, natural disaster, and other, less predictable emergencies, a good survival kit can mean the difference between life and death. 72 hour survival kits are compact and easy to pack and you can even buy them pre-made.

2. Tire Pump

Tire pumps can inflate tires that get to be a bit low. They can also verify if the pressure on all tires has gone down or up. Tire pressure changes depending on the weather, and weather on a long road trip can change a lot. Be sure to monitor your tires as you travel.

3. Power Inverter

Of course, a tire pump, along with your cellphone, GPS, and laptop, will not do you much good if they don’t have power. While on a long car trip, you may find yourself wanting to use your car battery in unexpected ways. A power inverter converts the 12-volt current of a car battery to the 110-volt current used by electronic devices such as laptops and travel refrigerators. A decent power converter should let you plug in multiple devices, perhaps leading to fewer arguments about whose turn it is to plug in their phone.

4. Travel-Sized Appliances

With a power inverter, a decent car battery, and even just a little bit of room, your trip can be safer and more enjoyable if you add a few handy travel appliances. A mini fridge in the back seat can store cold drinks. A microwave or skillet can provide hot meals wherever you may be. Yes it may seem strange, but see who’s laughing when you’re the roadtrippers with cold drinks and hot breakfasts without the cost of a restaurant.

5. Fire Extinguisher

Last but not least, no one wants to think of fire together with a road trip, but it can happen. Whether you’re in an accident, or even if someone is smoking in the car and drops a cigarette, a fire extinguisher can keep a small problem from turning into a big one.

These are just a few items to make that long road trip less stressful and more enjoyable that you may not have thought of. After all, that’s what it’s all about. Stay safe, have fun, and explore freely.

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