5 Habits You Need To Be Smart, Safe, and Successful

Will Durant famously claimed, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” Therefore, we can repeatedly work on and develop habits that will take us to the next level in our lives. To be smarter, safer, and more successful, you need these five, easy habits in your life.

Get Up Early

5 Habits You Need To Be Smart, Safe, and Successful

Sometimes the most important and valuable things in life aren’t urgent. Too often, our days are bogged down by the urgent things, and it’s easy to let the important one’s slide. Consider getting up 30 minutes early every day to invest in the things that are important to you. If you spend a mere 30 minutes every morning focusing on learning a new language or getting in shape, you can make some tremendous progress in a short amount of time.

Get To Work Early

Consider getting to work a few minutes early to enhance your entire day. Hop in your car, buckle your seatbelt, and listen to something that motivates or calms you on the way. When you get there, spend some time thinking about the tasks you need to do in the day ahead and visualize them going well. Picture the results that you want for the day and yourself accomplishing them with ease. Professional athletes often use this technique to increase their ability to make the winning shot, and you can use it boast your peace and productivity during the day.

Consider Others to Have Good Intentions

5 Habits You Need To Be Smart, Safe, and Successful

This tip can make you wildly successful when dealing with other people. When approached by someone, imagine that the person has good intentions and wants to work together. This lens will let you view the situation in a peaceful manner that will get you in the mindset to help instead of being defensive. Even if the other person was not actually in this frame of mind, it can help you to diffuse a potentially aggressive situation.

Read Every Day

5 Habits You Need To Be Smart, Safe, and Successful

Developing the habit of reading a self-improvement book daily can enhance many areas of your life. By gaining new information from others who have studied different areas, you can glean from their wisdom with this small investment of time. Even if all you manage is reading a page or two, the knowledge will still accumulate.

Look Before You Leap

While this cliché doesn’t have to apply to just jumping off heights, it is important to consider the safety and possible consequences of actions before taking them. Take a minute to think about how your words or actions may influence others before using them. Could your boss see your rant on Facebook? Are you speaking well of your significant other? Is drinking a ton of caffeine really safe for your body? Taking a moment to think might just surprise you and lead you to safer and smarter actions.

While these five habits are not always easy to implement, they are simple steps to help you be smarter, safer, and more successful. As you get in the habit of practicing them daily, they can quickly become second nature, and you’ll love the results!






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