10 Excellent HTML5 Responsive Frameworks For Web Development

HTML5 has drawn limelight in the past few years since its release. Owing to its innovative and syntactic features, the framework is becoming acceptable by most of the modern browser versions and devices. In the present day, it has emerged one of the most popular technologies that provide all the required features for an effective mobile application development. HTML5 mobile applications are both device and browser agnostic. It constitutes web pages that can be accessed with a modern mobile browser. In short, HTML5 is designed for the web applications with a better functionality and security.

Designing responsive web applications using HTML5 becomes a tireless job with responsive HTML5 frameworks available in the market. These framework help in the development of user-friendly applications. Let’s take a look at each one of them:


Sencha Touch

Sencha touch is the well-known cross-platform framework for creating visually-appealing yet high-performing mobile applications. It makes use of UI components and hardware acceleration techniques that expand its capabilities of being viewed on devices of all sizes.

The framework constitutes 50+ UI components and device-native templates for most of the mobile platforms available today. So, whether it’s about designing for iOS, BlackBerry or Android, Sencha touch stands ahead in the race to deliver apps with dynamic features.


10 Excellent HTML5 Responsive Frameworks For Web Development

Ionic is a proclaimed HTML-5 based framework that is helpful in the creation of cross-platform apps. Optimized for Angular.JS support, the framework is the perfect choice for development of hybrid mobile applications.

Being a front-end UI framework, it manages the look, feel and UI interactions that an application needs in order to be compelling, eye-catchy and performance-oriented. Being an HTML5 framework, it requires Cordova or PhoneGap to function as a native application.

Onsen UI

onsen ui

Featuring the latest material design and flat UI components, this HTML-5 based hybrid app framework introduces elements-based UI components to bring life to the mobile apps. The framework supports PhoneGap and Cordova completely.

With a rich set of tabs, side menu, stack navigation, the design supports both Android and iOS using the same source code.



With Foundation, responsive design becomes a whole lot simpler. It is one of the well-known front-end frameworks that simplifies the process of designing enticing applications that look amazing on any device. It is a semantic, flexible and customizable framework that helps in the creation of content-focused websites.

Featured with rapid-prototyping capabilities, this framework has a responsive grid system that can be used to create emails, websites or complex and dynamic responsive apps. With a recent upgrade to the V6 version, Foundation was introduced with some amazing functionality that are not easy to find in any other framework.

Designed with the core objective of creating mobile-first sites, the framework ensures designs that are pretty straightforward and features better.



Bootstrap is an open source front-end web development framework for developing responsive websites that are optimized for mobile browsing. Being a quick, lightweight and easy to use framework, it lets developers get a lot of work done at ease and quickly.

It’s grid-based layout approach makes it a preferred choice to design websites with small screens. Owing to its mobile-first approach, it enforces developers to create websites for small screens. With a blend of HTML5 markup, CSS styling and JavaScript, Bootstrap lets you deliver a modern and feature-rich web application that is user-friendly and flexible.

Framework 7

framework 7

It is a full-featured HTML5 framework that creates hybrid mobile apps. The core objective of the framework is to help in the creation of iOS and Android applications with CSS, JavaScript and HTML. It is designed to create applications with the look and feel of 2 popular operating systems, namely, Android and iOS.

jQuery Mobile


jQuery mobile is the most popular JavaScript library that is objected at creating responsive web application that functions on all mobile devices, tablet and desktop. The framework comes with sleek UI widgets, responsive design tools, and touch-friendly form elements that make development easy and intuitive.

The plugin ThemeRoller features an added advantage that lets you adjust and create themes the way you want them to look and feel.



Being a cross-platform web development framework, Trigger allows developers to create applications without having to spend too much time in writing complex code.

The framework uses JavaScript functionality to create native iOS and Android applications in a matter of seconds. It has many more API’s that function superbly well including native UI modules and interactions with Parse, Facebook and much more.

Kendo UI

10 Excellent HTML5 Responsive Frameworks For Web Development

With more than 70+ UI widgets packed within a single framework, Kendo UI has 11 pre-built templates that can be selected for designing a customized theme for your business.

The framework integrates seamlessly with Angular JS 1 and also supports for Bootstrap developers along with capability to work offline.


10 Excellent HTML5 Responsive Frameworks For Web Development

It is a full-featured HTML5 development framework that is required to create native applications that are high on scalability and performance. Using native web as the core base for creating applications, Montage allows creating a modular architecture for your projects to deliver high-end user experience.

Ending notes

Developing HTML5 applications is comparatively easier than native apps for iOS and Android. With HTML5, the distribution of web apps becomes easier than native applications. Additionally, the integration of HTML5 frameworks also makes it easy to carry out any bug fixes.

With each passing day, HTML5 is improving as an effective mobile development technology. These HTML5 frameworks mentioned-above are categorized on the basis of their popularity. You can select the one that matches your business requirements.

In addition to it, there are web design software that feature responsive web design to deliver a website that works perfectly on any device. The software is especially suited for creating high-end WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla themes and HTML5 websites. It supports all the modern browsers and CMS to accommodate the needs of all types of businesses.


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