The Best Ways to Smoke

Fans of smoking know that there’s no “right” way to enjoy a smokeable product like tobacco or marijuana. But there may be a way that’s right for you. Your personal tastes could lead you to prefer one form of smoking or ingesting your preferred substance over others.

That’s something that smokers don’t always think about. Oftentimes, we simply keep puffing away with the same techniques and products that we’ve always used. It’s worth shaking things up a bit and trying other ways to smoke, because you might discover a method that you like a whole lot better than what you’re doing now. Here are some of the best ways to smoke.

Rolling papers and blunt wraps

Classic hand-rolled cigarettes and joints have their drawbacks. They’re not the most efficient or cost-effective ways to smoke, and they’re certainly not the healthiest way, either. But there’s just something about them that appeals to some smokers. They’re a classic way to enjoy a smoke. The smoke tastes different because of the paper, and the tactile experience is different from that of using a bong, bowl, pipe, or vape pen.

And, of course, there’s the art of actually rolling. You can learn to roll the perfect joint or cigarette, or you could just use a simple cigarette rolling machine to do the job for you.

Glass blunts, chillums, and more

Rolling papers and blunt wraps aren’t good for you, which is part of the reason that glassware makes a good choice for smokers. But many forms of glass force smokers to give up the feeling of holding a joint or a blunt. This is not the case for glass blunts and other glassware that emulates the shape of traditional rolled smokeables: they’re the best of both worlds for many smokers.

Glass blunts allow smokers to puff away and hold their piece blunt-style. Such glassware often comes with the means to pack in smokeables for a serious smoking experience, and everything packs away into the convenient piece. Other, simpler options for paper-like smoking can include one-hitter chillums.

Bowls and pipes

Of course, not every great smoking method has to emulate the style of cigarettes, blunts, and joints. Pipe smoking has a rich history all its own, and many pipes and pipe-like products make great smoking devices.

A simple wooden pipe can be a classic and enjoyable way to smoke. As with joints and blunts, a pipe has rituals all its own. Traditional tobacco pipes are wonderful choices, whether or not they are actually used for tobacco.

A bowl is the part of the pipe that holds the smokable substance, but the term is also used colloquially for glass pipes. Such pipes often use a carb — a hole in the side of the pipe that can be covered and uncovered with a finger — to facilitate smoking.

Bongs and bubblers

Smoking is enjoyable for all kinds of reasons, from the sensation and taste to the effects of the smokable substance. But not every smoker enjoys the same things about smoking, and some may find that the smoke produced by other great smoking methods can be too hot or too harsh. Enter bongs and bubblers. These smoking devices direct the smoke through water and, sometimes, ice. This cools down the smoke and mellows the smoking experience. It allows for smoother draws and, if the smoker so desires, larger hits. The smoking experience may be mellow, but the hits are strong.

Bongs tend to differ from bubblers in their size (they’re usually bigger) and bowls (bong bowls tend to be removable, with the spot they occupy acting as a carb when they are removed).

Smoking comes in all types and all forms. It’s worth trying out different methods in order to find the one that’s right for you.

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