6 Ways To Deal With Scorpions Home

Pests are generally a nuisance when they infest a home. However, there are some that have particular notoriety.  You may think you have dealt with them completely only to realize that they’re still within your house. Scorpions are one of these pests and the scary thing is that they can sting and has paralyzing venom. For instance, the bark scorpion is so dangerous that its venom is life-threatening. They are common in warm and dry climates. Something funny with scorpions is that the smaller they are, the more dangerous the venom is.

Now that you know scorpions are dangerous, it’s good you know how to keep them away from your home. Continue reading to find out how.

De-cluttering your Home

Scorpions will easily find habitation in clutter. Those unattended clothes, the household items, books and things that pile up in your home. You have to ensure your house and the compound is cleaned regularly.  Again, you should keep the cupboards clean and disinfected.

Get Scorpions Deterring Plants

One of the sure ways of keeping scorpions away is to grow plants that repel them. For instance, the lavender plant is known for keeping scorpions away and therefore is a good plant to grow around your house.  The plant is also good for aesthetics and human-friendly and even if you crowd it, it has no problem.  Besides keeping away this dangerous insect, it makes your home such a good place to relax and unwind.

6 Ways To Deal With Scorpions Home

Use essential Oils

Some common essential oils like peppermint and cinnamon are known to be good for repelling not only scorpions but also most of the other notorious insects. You just need to get some water to a spraying can and put a few drops of the oil, then spray around your home.  Spray the doors, windows, and all other openings.

Keep other Insects Away

Scorpions love feasting on other insects like spiders and crickets.  No matter how hard you try keeping them away, if other insects are available, they will still find their way in. Go green, use herbal insecticides to ward off all other insects.

Try Hunting the Scorpions

Have you tried all other ways of keeping scorpions away and you don’t seem to succeed? Then hunting could be your only solution. However, you must have the courage to catch them during the night. Scorpions are nocturnal, meaning that they are active during the night and therefore it should not be a problem getting them. Just get a UV lamp across the areas where they’re common. Hunting is the surest way of dealing with this dangerous insect.  Check out also where there are cracks and use tweezers to pull them out. Be extra careful when hunting them to avoid getting stung.

Hire a Professional

You may try so many DIY techniques to keep off scorpions but the surest way is to get a Responsible Pest Control company. They have the skills and enough equipment to get rid of these insects and others once and for all. You don’t have to suffer the dangerous stings anymore, contact one of them today.

Scorpions are dangerous insects that should be dealt with seriously. Use homemade techniques to keep them away, but most importantly, get in touch with a pest control company for better control measures.

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