The Reason Staff Morale is Crucial to your Business Success

A buzz word that is used easily. Staff morale is not to be skimmed over, if you want to guarantee business success. Motivation, community, purpose and expertise are the difference between companies that thrive and stand the test of time.

Just providing the essentials for your employees is not going to cut it. They need to feel a sense of ownership, be able to use their expertise and work in an environment that promotes collaboration, community, high standards and personal growth.

The workplace is changing- dramatically. People want work-life balance, remote working and corporate social responsibility. Colleagues might be working at home, in rented office space or hot-desking – staff morale is more important than ever.

New workplaces like Liverpool Science Park, are raising the game for our expectations of our working environments, and how they can support our well-being, motivation, desire for collaboration and lifestyles.

So what is staff morale? Balance defines employee moral as the ‘overall outlook, attitude, satisfaction, and confidence that employees feel at work. When employees are positive about their work environment and believe they can meet their most important career and vocational needs, employee morale is’ ‘high’.

Innovators like Rapha, demonstrate that the most important ingredient in securing improved staff morale is to establish a genuine sense of community. A company where everyone ls valued as both a human-being and an employee. A place where their contribution and expertise are valued, developed and sought.

Likewise an approach that understands that an employee’s contribution means that they deserve access to training, space to pursue interests, goals and work-life balance. A thriving community where people enjoy spending time with each other beyond ‘the task’, and socialise and collaborate in wider interests and projects, beyond the office.

Do you agree? What do you think is the most important motivator for staff morale? Tell us- we would love to hear your stories!

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