How to Throw a Game of Thrones Party

Did you know the musical introduction for HBO’s epic fantasy show Game of Thrones is the most recognizable theme song in the world? After seven years and eight seasons, not to mention almost 50 Emmys, Game of Thrones continues to conquer television, books, and even party themes. If you haven’t tried to throw a Game of Thrones-themed party yet, you might want to go for it. After all, there’s only one season of the show left. Here are some tips to create your own unforgettable GoT experience.

Pick a theme

First, choose whether you’ll attempt a general GoT theme or a specific one by assessing your attendees’ overall commitment level to the show. The former keeps things simpler and less formal, allowing you and your guests to be equally appropriate dressed as the Night King, a Lannister lady, Queen of the Eyrie, a Stark of the North, or one of the Faceless. A more general theme also works for a kid-friendly atmosphere (Children of the Forest, anyone?). Consider getting a king throne chair rental so younger ones can join in on the Game, too. The more thrones the better!

If you and your friends are a little more dedicated to GoT, get specific and choose a moment, place, or storyline from the show like the “Red Wedding,” Crows, Wildlings and White-Walkers north of the Wall, or only Essos characters (including Braavos, Slaver’s Bay and even Qarth). Be sure to let guests know what you’ve chosen with plenty of prep time, and consider pointing attendees toward an online boutique or costume shop to get the look that best fits the theme.

Once you’ve settled on a theme, get people in the spirit early with the right kind of invitation. Grab some medieval-style stationary and use the official Game of Thrones font to lay out your type.

Expand on the medieval menu  

Keep the period in mind as you prepare food for the party. You should be going for circa 1400s Western Europe and Turkey, a Nordic flair, and just a little bit of blood and gore. And you can’t forget Arya’s meat pies of revenge for Walder Frey!

While there’s no harm in serving classic renaissance fair-like giant turkey legs, you should have options besides poultry and bread for your vegetarian guests as well as those with food sensitivities like gluten allergies.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to serve, you can choose your menu from an actual Game of Thrones cookbook. If this isn’t going to be your only GoT party, the cookbook might be worth the investment. But there is no need to go out of your way to purchase a cookbook, as you can find plenty of themed recipes online.

Just as important as the food will be the drinks you serve. So don’t forget to decant any drinks, like your finest Dornish red, in your most old-timey carafes.

Decorate with details

Your precise decorations are going to depend on whether you’re going for a more general theme following the whole show or a specific one. Whichever you choose, here are a few ideas to work with:

  • Hang house banners and make your own house sigils
  • Wrap your flatware in faux fur and leather
  • Make or buy some paper dragons to fly about
  • Conjure dragon eggs from jumbo plastic Easter eggs with a party favor inside
  • Use candles for most of your lighting
  • Depending on theme, utilize either your most rustic and wooden, or your fanciest and most garish dinnerware, serving dishes and decor

Set your GoT party apart

To start out, why not learn a bit of the show’s languages? If you can say “hello” in Dothraki, you’ll impress your guests with a fun conversation starter. Even if you’re holding a watch party, you’ll still want a GoT game or two in reserve to make sure you keep the event lively afterward. These can be as simple as a GoT musical chairs (with the winner crowned king or queen and sitting on the “Iron Throne,” of course) to something more complicated like Game of Thrones Bingo.

Due to the show’s popularity and over-the-top aesthetics, it’s hard to go wrong making Game of Thrones your draw. However you choose to make the theme your own, chances are, your party will be epic.

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