The Kids Come First…Sometimes

Most parents spend a pretty big portion of their lives working hard to give their children the best life possible. Sadly, they tend to neglect their own needs and the needs of their partner or spouse at the same time. The sacrifices are laudable, but may not be in the best interest of the whole family at the end of the day.

The Kids Come First...Sometimes

Setting the Right Example

While your children grow up, the way that you treat your partner will speak volumes to them about what a healthy relationship looks like. You’re their role model, so it’s likely that they’ll use you as a model for their future relationships. If it appears to them that the health of your relationship barely registers on your list of priorities, they’re not likely to correctly prioritize the relationships in their own lives.

Adjusting Priorities

One thing is certain. If you’ve prepared your children well, they’ll be self-sufficient early in their adult lives. That means that you and your partner will have plenty of time to spend together as you grow older. Since that phase of your life will likely last far longer than the child-rearing years, it’s important to focus on strengthening your relationship with your partner so it will stand the test of time.

Once your children leave the nest, you’ll need to refocus on your new lifestyle. This means deciding how to spend your time with your partner. You may choose to go on a lengthy vacation, or you may prefer to stay close to home and take long walks and watch sunsets together. If your kids have already become stable in their own lives, you may want to consider selling your life insurance policies for the financial freedom to start your new life together with a bang.

The Golden Years

Another important thing to consider is how (or if) you’ve prepared for your retirement. Making sure that you and your partner are taken care of after you’ve stopped working is essential. This is another example of an appropriate time to prioritize your relationship with your partner over that of your children. It’s helpful to remember that saving for your retirement doesn’t mean you’re being selfish. In fact, being able to care for yourselves means that your children won’t have to put their own lives on hold to take care of you as you age.

It’s Not Us Vs. Them

Maintaining a healthy balance of priorities for your family is the best way to assure that you, your partner, and your children will have a happy life together. Your children will understand and respect your decision to prioritize your partner when it’s necessary. In fact, it’ll help them grow into healthy relationships of their own. The best part is that you’ll always be able to look back and know that you’ve done the best by everyone in your family as well as yourself.

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