Potential Defects You Should Check on New Cars

We shouldn’t expect that our car will work perfectly right off the manufacturer’s assembly line. Eventually, they make mistakes and some cars in each production batches could be riddled with a few defects, some of them minor, but some can be quite serious. After purchasing a new car, it is important to not expect that everything will work as designed. By identifying mistakes early; we should be able to get free fixes or even get a replacement car. The most important thing to know is whether the safety features are working well. Faulty airbags can be quite dangerous. We should make sure that the system is inspected properly to make sure that it will function properly when needed. Faulty seat belt can also be quite dangerous. This should be relatively easy to examine. It is important that the sudden shock don’t cause the belt from becoming loose. Some car owners have also reported problems with the acceleration system. All of the sudden, the car may accelerate, causing unexpected rear-end collisions. In fact, the pedal could just fall off due to faulty installation.

After buying a new car, we should make sure that all the tires are not faulty. These tires are essential to ensure safe driving experience. Tires that blow suddenly could cause accidents. We should make sure that tires have perfeft threads, because the failure to grip the road surface on wet season could also cause possible accidents. We shouldn’t hesitate to check the brake after we purchase the car and problems can happen when brakes fail. Even if the brake is engaged, it’s possible that the car will only slow down instead of stopping completely. This will still result in a collision. Another thing to make sure is that we don’t have faulty gas tank. Leakage can be dangerous, especially in the presence of sparks and high temperature. Fire may consume the car and injure occupants during an accident if the gas tank has compromised structural integrity. Fire can spread quickly before everyone has an opportunity to escape. On the other hand, fuel line defects could also cause leakage and increase the possibility of fire. The accummulation of fuel vapor may result in an explosion.

We have been heavily depended on technology, especially the power steering system. Just decades ago, it takes more effort to park the car. Unfortunately, the failure of power steering system during high speed is more than just about having heavier steering wheel, but the car may no longer steerable. Modern cars are blessed with so much electronics. GPS navigational system are helpful, but if not configured properly; it is possible that we can be brought to a dangerous situation. We should make sure that the device is accurately calibrated and can detect current location with the highest degree of accuracy.

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