How to Brake Properly?

For many drivers, proper braking is a lost skill. It’s true that many cars are already equipped with ABS or anti braking system. Instead of braking gradually, people tend to slam on their brakes abruptly. Although this will still stop the car, it’s not the best solution to handle our car. Quick and sudden stops can put us and other drivers in greater danger. In order to obtain better control and ensure safety, we should know how to brake properly. This is also an essential thing for road etiquette. ABS can significantly improve our safety on the road and it’s designed to prevent skidding, which could happen when tires no longer grip the road. ABS allows drivers to maintain control of their steering, even when they need to do emergency brake. Tires won’t lock when drivers continuously step on the brake pedal. The car can still be steered. They will be able to both avoid the threatening object and stop quickly. It is important for us to avoid riding the brake. By riding the brake, we keep our left foot on the brake, even if it’s not needed.

Owners of cars with automatic transmission tend to ride the brake, because they don’t need to work with the clutch. Brake riding will cause the brake lights to lit up, confusing drivers behind us. They won’t be able to figure out when we will actually slow down or stop the car, making rear-end collisions more likely to happen. Brake checking is when drivers hit the brake pedals too suddenly. Instead of riding or checking the brake, we should do it slowly and moderately. So, it will be helpful if we drive slowly. This is the safest way to apply the brake. Riding the brake will engage the braking system continuously, causing to get hotter and reducing its lifespan. When braking moderately, we don’t brake too early or too late. When it’s the right time, we should push the brake pedal slowly and firnly. The car will stop much more smoothly and our overall safety will be increased. By braking at the right time and not too abruptly, we will give the driver behind us some ample warning. It means that they won’t into our car.

Another thing to avoid is braking and turning simultaneously. Proper braking and turning can’t be performed at the same time. Even skilled race car drivers won’t attempt to do that. They will brake first and then turn the steering wheel. When driving, we should expect the unexpected. We need to look for any kind of obstacle. Even experienced drivers may make mistakes. Hit the brake abruptly, only if it’s the only way to avoid collisions. Even so, we should be aware that we may still lock the brake and we will lose control of the car. We should have proper control over what we are driving. For new drivers, they need practice, practice and practice. It’s never late to learn how to do proper braking and we need to have proper focus.

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