5 Ways To Help A Loved One Overcome An Addiction

Overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol is one of life’s biggest challenges, as any of the more than 23 million addicts can attest. Yet, it’s a goal that thousands of people fulfil every year, breaking free from their addiction and regaining control of what they’ve lost. An addict’s success or failure depends upon his or her willingness and desire to succeed, but so much more. Addicts need the love and support of their loved ones during their period of recovery, more so than they’ve ever needed them before. Addicts with support are twice as likely to beat their addictions compared to those without a support system in place. If your loved one is battling an addiction to alcohol or drugs, use one or more of the five methods below to show your support, love, and understanding, and help end the cycle of drug abuse.

5 Ways To Help A Loved One Overcome An Addiction

Refer Your Loved One to Rehab/Sober Living

Rehab and sober living facilities like provide hands-on support, guidance, and recovery tools to those battling addictions. Inpatient and outpatient treatment is available, with programs ranging from 30 -120 days, and sometimes longer. Sober living helps your loved one recovery in a step-by-step program while surrounded by those who wish for his or her success.

Educate Yourself About Addiction

Life lessons best help you understand a situation, but since this isn’t an option when the subject is addiction, educating yourself on the topic is imperative. Books, videos, magazines, and other literature is available to help you gain a better understanding of addiction. Addiction is quite complex, with many facets that are hard to digest without knowledge of the topic. When you’re educated concerning addiction, you’ll provide better support to your loved one.

Don’t Become an Enabler

It’s sometimes hard to avoid being an enabler, and it’s always tricky. But, it’s important that you do not become an enabler to an addiction because you’re only making it easier for the addict to stay an addict. Although you love this individual, you must open your eyes and realize how much more harm you are causing by enabling their addiction and break the habit immediately, if it is something that you find yourself guilty of doing on a regular basis.

Be Understanding

Dealing with an addict can drain you of all your energy. They’re not easy to understand or handle, and the mood swings often displayed amongst addicts can be frustrating. But, if you want to help your loved one beat their addiction, you must be understanding, patient, and empathetic with the person who’s going through the addiction. Never throw judgement against the person, as they’re dealing with many battles that most of us will never know. If you can find peace with the addict, show them your love, and provide that guiding hand, you can help nudge them toward the road of recovery.

Don’t Turn Your Eye

As a friend or a family member, it can sometimes be difficult to talk about issues like addiction. Generally, an addict won’t admit they have a problem, and there might even be a bit of backlash. You might be deemed uncool or have other choice words thrown at you. But, if you truly care about the person, you’ll do your best to help them recognize their addiction and get help.


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