How Different Countries Treat Sports and Sports Betting

It is a common fact that countries feel differently about sports and sports betting. While websites such as are used for international sports betting and sporting information, there are still a number of countries that are not too eager to jump into the deep end with the rest of the world where sports betting is concerned. Let’s have a look at a number of different countries with different views on the actualities of sports betting: 

Sports betting in Canada

In Canada, it is debated whether sports betting should be legalised or not. Although they focus on a wide variety of sport which includes ice hockey, rugby, football and basketballmany of the current laws in Canada lean towards sports betting not being legal at the moment. This, however, can change at any moment as sports betting in this country are quite popular. 

Sports betting in the United States

Some states in this country feel that if you bet on a sporting match, you are committing a felony. If however, you bet through a bookie or an online website, you are still considered to be on the right side of the law.

Sports betting in the United Kingdom

In the UK, sports betting are fully legalised and regulated. In this country, you can find hundreds of sports betting websites and bookies to place a bet with. With laws in the UK changed many years ago to legalise sports betting, it is seen as one of the most popular ways of UK residents make use of when opting for a little gambling. 

Sports betting in South Africa

Betting on sport such as soccer and cricket remain a highly debated matter in South Africa. While many believe that online sportsbooks are legal to place bets on, there are a vast number of bettors that make use of illegal bookies when placing bets. The sports betting laws of South Africa need to be amended to either being legal or illegal.

Sports betting in New Zealand

The sports betting world is legal in New Zealand although those the website situated within the country are said to be illegal. Those operating outside the country are seen as legal and can be used with ease. Bets are made on sports such as soccer, rugby, cricket and even surfing.

Sports betting in India

Whether it is legal to bet on sports in India is still being evaluated but it is a known fact that betting on the country’s most popular sport, cricket, is widely being accepted. It is, however, speculated that betting in this country will be legalised in the not-to-distant future.

Make sure that when you engage in sports betting, you make use of a legalised online sports bookie and that the website is regulated and legit. Whether you play for the fun of it or take sports betting as a serious profession, take care as gambling can easily become an addictive habit.

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