Review – Unspoken Secrets by Destiny Blaine

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Tanner Dorsey is considered a powerful drug lord and it’s a false assumption he can’t do anything about without putting those he cares about at risk. To make matters worse, Tanner knows only one woman has the ability to change the rhythm of his heartbeat and she’s living with his daughters under the protection of those she considers her own—the FBI.

Agent Ally Stephens is on the case to bring down organized crime. She knows in order to save her brothers and Tanner, she’ll need to stay one step ahead of the man who is most determined to tear her family and their business apart. She’s living with an agent whose main focus is to bring down the only man she’s ever loved—and if Ally isn’t careful, she will lead Tanner Dorsey into a well laid trap.

There are too many unspoken secrets for all the players involved. When push comes to shove, the one thing that can save Ally’s family and the man she loves is her decision to walk away from the only career she’s ever known—and those who’ve fought beside her may fight just as hard to take her down if she decides to turn in her gun.

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